Metahuman discovering the portal of Metanoia


Acrylic Textured Abstract on 48*30 inch canvas

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Metanoia is a Greek word. “Meta” means Beyond and “Noia” means Thought. Its the journey of transforming into Metahuman. Metanoia is a journey of transformation self/inner dimensions of mind, heart & soul and the way of Life! Future humans are Metahumen. They are the simplest form of human, a light! Metahuman has three characteristics-
a. He is conscious- aware of what’s happening around & what’s happening in his conscious & subconscious states
b. He is free from all subconscious darkness.
c. He is a man of clarity who can think beyond the established system, structure, culture, theory or anything beyond good/bad. And brave enough to act accordingly his “beyond thoughts”.

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