Nabila Rahman

Nabila started her Artist journey by doing several commission works on demand. She’s also an investor of few restaurants of Bangladesh.
Nabila Rahman


Her artwork is a mix of meaningful abstract, spiritual perspective, hypothetical, contemporary & modern. She reflects timeless & limitless inner-dimension in her works.

Art & Writing is something that comes from my soul. Sort of a hybrid form of knowledge, conscious thought & subconscious imagination, she stated. For painting, acrylics, charcoals, oil paints & textures are her tools. Canvas, papers & wooden scraps are her medium. She also create digital arts.

Nabila is a self- learned artist. Her regular hobby is to learn & experience skills that transforms human. She developed skills in Meditation, yoga, self-mastery philosophy, inner-energy balancing, and several art techniques. She’s an avid traveler & observer. She traveled & explored the Global world, Nature, Cultures, Tastes, Human psychology, and her inner-world. She takes her inspiration from the natural world, knowledge, spirituality, and intuitive imagination. Nabila believes – “Logic & knowledge would take you from A to B but with Imagination, anyone could be Limitless & Timeless.”

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